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Haïti-Matthew : Un profond cri d’alarme en faveur de la Grande Anse, lance l’ancien sénateur Maxime Roumer

submitted by John Carroll

alterpresse.org - 5 Novembre 2016

P-au-P, 04 nov. 2016 [AlterPresse] --- L’ancien sénateur et candidat au sénat Jean Maxime Roumer, également recteur de l’Université de la nouvelle Grande Anse (une partie du Sud-Ouest), lance un cri d’alarme « extrême » aux autorités étatiques, pour qu’elles viennent en aide aux sinistrés de ce département, un mois après le passage (les lundi 3 et mardi 4 octobre 2016) de l’ouragan Matthew.

Les personnes sinistrées, notamment dans les zones situées dans les mornes, n’ont reçu aucune aide depuis presqu’un mois, rapporte l’ancien sénateur, invité à l’émission TiChèzBa, prévue pour être diffusée les samedi 5 et dimanche 6 novembre 2016 sur la station en ligne AlterRadio (samedi : 7:00 am, 3:00pm ; dimanche : 7:00 am, 1:00 pm, 5:00 pm).

« C’est quelque chose d’atroce. Il n’y a ni abri, ni nourriture dans les mornes. C’est une situation terrible », déplore-t-il.


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Haiti-Matthew: A Deep Cry of Alarm for the Grande Anse, Launches Former Senator Maxime Roumer

P-au-P, November 4, 2016 [AlterPresse] --- Former Senator and Senate candidate Jean Maxime Roumer, also rector of the University of the new Grande Anse (part of the Southwest), launches alarm call "extreme" state authorities, they come to help the victims of this department, a month after the passage (Monday 3 and Tuesday, October 4, 2016) of Matthew hurricane.

Those affected, particularly in areas in the hills, have received no aid since almost a month, says the former senator, TiChèzBa guest at the show, scheduled to be broadcast on Saturday 5 and Sunday, November 6, 2016 on the online station AlterRadio (Saturday: 7:00 am, 3:00 pm; Sunday: 7:00 am, 1:00 pm, 5:00 pm).

"This is something atrocious. There is no shelter, no food in the hills. It's a terrible situation, "he laments.

He adds that, although Jeremiah, aid flows, it is, nonetheless, absent in areas in the hills as Doko, Fon Kochon and Kastiyon.

The disaster have spent more than 25 days, in the rain, in several areas, where all the houses were destroyed, he alert.

During his speech, the first part of the show, Maxime Roumer also indicates that in three communal sections, located in the mountains, 600 deaths have been counted, not including missing persons, Roumer says.

The Haitian authorities are purposely undervaluing figures, said the rector, who said, however, avoid controversy "is not necessary, when a people is on its knees."

The death toll could be valued at over 1,200 for the department of Grande Anse only, he informs.

546 dead, 128 missing and 439 injured were registered during the passage of Hurricane Matthew, says president Jocelerme Privert, at a press conference this Friday, November 4, 2016.

Some authorities claim under pressure, the central government, not to disclose the real figures of this disaster, says the former senator.

These figures would show significant weakness in the management of the preparation to the passage of cyclone Matthew, he says.

Havoc occurred, especially in the mountains and coastal areas, which have not been prepared to face the cyclone, according to former senator.

The actions implemented by the government to meet the needs, are insufficient critical there, calling on the authorities to work with peasant communities in some areas, for better management of the disaster.

When Matthew passage, the public was not receptive to the authorities of messages, because the memory of past disasters is not maintained in Haiti, he says.

In addition to the rural exodus, in the department of Grande Anse, said he observed the reverse of this phenomenon, namely the coming of "adventurers" in the affected areas, because of the presence of the aid and the black market.

He criticized the irresponsibility of the state, which does nothing compared to the rise in prices of products like gasoline.

Roumer, who fears a leak of farmers to other locations, is calling for a genuine agricultural policy, because this is "the perfect time". [Emb gp apr 11/04/2016 4:20 p.m.]


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