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Haiti - Logistics Cluster

Logistics Working Group - Haiti, Port au Prince - Meeting Minutes - 13 October 2016 (4 page .PDF file)

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Haiti: UN Special Adviser Calls for ‘Robust’ Hurricane Response to Tackle ‘Extremely Difficult’ Situation


United Nations Special Adviser David Nabarro meeting and supporting people in Jeremie, Haiti, which was severely affected by Hurricane Matthew. Photo: UN Haiti


18 October 2016 – Hurricane Matthew, which ripped through Haiti 13 days ago, has left more than 700,000 people in an “extremely difficult situation,” United Nations Special Adviser David Nabarro said today, and while steady progress is being made, led by Haitians themselves, the response must be accelerated as the needs are still great, frustrations are high, and access to hard-hit areas remains tough.



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Update: Cholera Cases in Haiti


crofsblogs.typepad.com - by Crawford Killian (Crof) - October 19, 2016

I just asked my new friends on WhatsApp for any news they might have on new cholera numbers. Almost before I'd posted my question, the answer came back from Kevin with dazzling speed in the form of five photos. Here are three of them, with my rough translation:





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Flood - Les Cayes, Haiti

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WHO Sending 1 Million Cholera Vaccine Doses to Haiti


Haitians wash clothes in a stream in Port-au-Prince. The widespread use of rivers has been linked to the country's deadly cholera outbreak.

cnn.com - by Ivan Watson, Tim Hume and Karla Pequenino - October 11, 2016

Jeremie, Haiti (CNN) - The World Health Organization is sending a million cholera vaccine doses to Haiti, it announced Tuesday, amid concerns over the rising number of cases in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

WHO cholera expert Dominique Legros told reporters in Geneva that the UN's global public health body had decided Monday to send the vaccines to the hurricane-ravaged Caribbean nation, to attempt to prevent an outbreak of the waterborne disease.


ALSO SEE RELATED ARTICLE HERE - WHO sending 1 million cholera vaccine doses to Haiti


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Resources - Energy - Communication - Water - Sanitation

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Here we present a list of ideas and resources that might be beneficial for use in disaster response, or for use in areas with inadequate infrastructure . . .



A Box Full of Light Saves Lives

Voltaic Systems - Solar Chargers


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