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The mission of this working group is to focus on discussions about sanitation.


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Haiti: Hurricane Matthew - Situation Report No. 33 (25 January 2017)

reliefweb.int - January 25th 2017

Main Points

Humanitarian interventions are taking places in hard-to-reach areas in line with a plan to access remote locations using various means of transportation.

The recently released Real Time Evaluation (RTE) report of the international response to Hurricane Matthew recommends adjustment to the ongoing humanitarian response alongside with measures to strengthen resilience and disaster risk management in Haiti and long-term changes concerning the humanitarian system.

An increasing number of bloody diarrhea cases have been reported in Sud and Grand’Anse regions raising concern among Health actors.


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Informal briefing by the Secretary-General on the United Nations' New Approach to Cholera in Haiti

webtv.un.org - 1 Dec 2016

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today apologized to the people of Haiti, expressing deep regret for the loss of life and suffering caused by the country’s cholera epidemic, and outlined the way forward including immediate steps to stem the outbreak and long-term support for those affected – while also highlighting the need for adequate funding of the proposal.

CLICK HERE - United Nations News Centre - UN’s Ban apologizes to people of Haiti, outlines new plan to fight cholera epidemic and help communities

CLICK HERE - Secretary-General's remarks to the General Assembly on a New Approach to Address Cholera in Haiti [Trilingual version, as delivered] [scroll down for English]

CLICK HERE - United Nations General Assembly - A new approach to cholera in Haiti - Report by the Secretary-General (16 page .PDF report)

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Haiti: UN’s New Approach on Cholera Puts People at Heart of the Response

submitted by John Carroll



30 November 2016 – The response to cholera in Haiti will be a “long and thorough battle,” but the United Nations will stand by the Haitian people and authorities, Stéphane Dujarric, the Spokesman for the Secretary-General, on the eve of the launch of the Organization's new approach to tackling the epidemic in the country.

The new approach was announced last August and will be launched by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to the UN General Assembly on Thursday, 1 December. It includes rapid interventions in areas where cases are reported and the prevention of future high-risk public health crises.

The new approach on cholera also focuses on people and proposes the establishment of a program of material assistance and support to Haitians directly affected by the disease.



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WHO Sending 1 Million Cholera Vaccine Doses to Haiti


Haitians wash clothes in a stream in Port-au-Prince. The widespread use of rivers has been linked to the country's deadly cholera outbreak.

cnn.com - by Ivan Watson, Tim Hume and Karla Pequenino - October 11, 2016

Jeremie, Haiti (CNN) - The World Health Organization is sending a million cholera vaccine doses to Haiti, it announced Tuesday, amid concerns over the rising number of cases in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

WHO cholera expert Dominique Legros told reporters in Geneva that the UN's global public health body had decided Monday to send the vaccines to the hurricane-ravaged Caribbean nation, to attempt to prevent an outbreak of the waterborne disease.


ALSO SEE RELATED ARTICLE HERE - WHO sending 1 million cholera vaccine doses to Haiti


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Resources - Energy - Communication - Water - Sanitation

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Here we present a list of ideas and resources that might be beneficial for use in disaster response, or for use in areas with inadequate infrastructure . . .



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