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Sierra Leone

7 Forgotten World Crises That Urgently Need Your Support

The global need for humanitarian aid has reached a level not seen since World War II. More than 128 million people in 33 countries are now affected by crises, including conflict and natural disaster.

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A Message From Survivors


The first Ebola survivor in Sierra Leone, Victoria, has given birth to a bouncing baby boy....

Holla for survivor....just on the 25th of May we celebrated her as the first survivor and now a baby boy....it shows the courage we the survivors have; even after all we went through we are going on with life as easy as it any other person.....
Bravo to us.....
Join us to celebrate the first after Ebola son from the first Ebola survivor from Sierra Leone...

you can follow on:https://www.facebook.com/Sierra-Leone-Association-of-Ebola-Survivors-812076998873794/?fref=ts

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